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Organizing annual group readings of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech at Temple.

Monthly, 2021- present    
Co-founder and co-moderator, Jhistory First Fridays
Hosting a monthly Zoom session for journalism historians

August 2023    
Moderator, “Will Generative AI (ChatGPT, Bard, Etc.) Change Everything, Everywhere, All at Once… or Not?”
Jhistory Panel, AEJMC, Washington, DC 


August 2022    
Moderator, “What don't we know about journalism history? Should we have approached it differently?”
Jhistory Panel, AEJMC, Detroit 

February 2022    
Invited talk, Holyoke Community College 

February 2022    
“Diversity, Equity and Inclusion — Teaching/Classroom Culture,” 
Invited talk at Temple University with Professors Karen Turner, Nancy Morris, and Meghnaa Tallapragada.

November 2021  

“Which Lives Matter in the News: A Call for a Truer Mirror,”
Invited speech, Dartmouth College

August 2021    Moderator, “The Problem of Journalism History.”
Jhistory Panel, AEJMC, Virtual 

September 2020    
Panelist, “Fighting the Infodemic: Fake News, Public Trust, and Public Health Policy,” A symposium sponsored by the College of New Jersey.

August 2020    
Moderator, “When Journalism and Media Change Paradigms.”
Jhistory Panel, AEJMC, Virtual 


August 2019                      

Moderator, “Things I Used to Teach I No Longer Believe.”
Jhistory Panel, AEJMC, Toronto


August 2019                      
Invited speaker, “Standing Out in a Search: Get that Job.”
AEJMC, Toronto

October 2018                     

Keynote Address
State House Journalism Symposium, Montpelier, Vt.


August 2018                      

Moderator, “Objectivity and Race: Past, Present, Future.”
Jhistory Panel, AEJMC, Washington, DC


August 2018                      

Panelist, “Temple Wins the AEJMC Equity and Diversity Award.”
AEJMC, Washington, DC


August 2018                      

Panelist, “Contextualizing Media Credibility in 2018.”
AEJMC, Washington, DC

August 2016

Moderator, “Which Lives Matter?” Jhistory Panel, AEJMC, Minneapolis


August 2016

Appearances on and mentions in Vermont Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Radio, Cleveland Public Radio, Pacifica Radio, WCAX-TV, the New York Times, and the Burlington Free Press

August 2015 

Award winner, presenter: “Project Reports from 2015 Senior Scholars.” AEJMC, San Francisco 


August 2015

Moderator, “Journalism, Disruption, and the Frontiers of Change.” Jhistory Panel, AEJMC, San Francisco 


August 2014

Moderator,  “A History of Our Attention Span,” Jhistory Panel, AEJMC, Montreal 


August 2013

Moderator,  “Emerging Scholars and Senior Scholars,” AEJMC, Washington, D.C.


August 2013

Panelist,  “Enlarging the Sphere of Legit. Controversy,” AEJMC, Washington, D.C.


August 2012

Moderator, “Digital Overload and Digital Fasts: Balancing the Need to Stay Connected with the Need for Grounding and Reflection” Jhistory panel, AEJMC, Chicago


October 2012

“In Vermont, a Venerable Paper Fights for Readers,” New York Times


July 2009                                    

“Can Journalists be Both Contributors and Critics?” Poynter Online



Interview, Marketplace radio, NPR 1/08

Speaker “We the People: In Search of the Common Good” series, Exeter, N.H., 2/08

Assembly speaker, Phillips Exeter, N.H., 2/08

Carnegie Distinguished Lecturer, University of Texas, 3/08



Keynote speaker, Conference on antebellum and Civil War Press, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 10/07

Classroom visit about Tuned Out, Brandeis University, 10/07



Talks, University of Vermont, 2/06

Keynote, New England Newspaper Assn., 3/06

Talk, Poynter Institute, 3/06

Talk, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, 3/06

Keynote, Goshen College, Indiana, 3/06

Talk, South Bend Tribune 3/06

Talk, USA Today 5/06

Talk, Plattsburgh, 9/06

Discussion about young people and the news, Spokesman Review, Spokane, Washington, 9/06

Keynote speaker, Constitution Day, Whitworth College, Washington, 9/06

Talk, Kansas State, 10/06

Keynote speaker, Youth Indifference to News Conference, University of Georgia, 10/06



Interview, Columbia Journalism School Radio (2/12)

Discussion, New York Times marketing and circulation (3/15)

Speaker, API, Reston, Virginia (4/3)

Keynote Speaker, Northeast Media Literacy Conference (4/14)

Panelist, BEA convention, Las Vegas (4/21)

Off-the-record mini-conference with top media executives, convened by the Museum of Television and Radio's Media Center (5/20)

New Hampshire Democratic club (5/24)

Interview, WBAL (6/22)

Keynote speaker, NNA, Milwaukee (9/28)

Radio interview, KTSA San Antonio

Switchboard, Vermont Public Radio (7/05)

Interview, Newsday (8/21)

Interview, Orlando Sentinel (8/21)

Media Channel (8/22)

Talks and workshops, Kingsland-Oxford (9/05)

Radio interview, KTSA San Antonio (9/05)

Keynote speaker, NNA, Milwaukee (9/05)



Speech to the Vermont Press Association (9/16)

Radio Times, WHYY, Philadelphia Public Radio, (9/29)

Panelist, Philadelphia Council of World Affairs (9/29)

Wisconsin Public Radio (10/4)

Mindich on Switchboard, Vermont Public Radio (10/7)

Talk and book signing: Overseas Press Club (NYC, 11/9)

Rebroadcast on C-SPAN2



Appearance on CNN (12/6)


Mindich has a non-exclusive relationship with the American Program Bureau.

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